What is the value of the AI Guild?

Be a community member or a founding member

The AI Guild brings together expert, senior, and junior practitioners in Europe and worldwide in pursuit of accelerated AI adoption by focusing on productionizing AI in relevant use and business cases. We value diversity and also the gender balance we achieve in our community activities. If this sounds interesting to you, then please read on about the members, the value the AI Guild creates, and how to become a community or founding member.

Productionizing relevant use and business cases has the following implications:

Members of the AI Guild

As of October 2019, the 200+ members of the AI Guild typically are


The AI Guild is set up to create the following benefits for key member groups such as experts and seniors, entrepreneurs and freelancers, and also for new talent.

AI experts

AI experts typically have a track record of five or more years in industry and startups, and have shipped products. Often experts are in the role of a technical lead or team lead, and possibly also in management or executive role. If you are an expert, then some of the things you can achieve with the AI Guild include

Entrepreneurs and business executives

Startup cofounders or practitioners hired by companies to lead on AI products and services typically have an executive role, balancing the requirements of business and technology. If this is who you are, then you may look to the AI Guild for some of the following


Freelancers typically are senior or expert AI practitioners. Some have prior experience in industry and startups. Yet, they typically work independently on a contractual basis for one or more clients. If you freelance, you may expect from the AI Guild the following

Senior data scientist, data engineer, machine learner, and deep learner

A senior will typically have 3 or more years of experience, which may include experience gained in academia by deploying AI in pursuit of a PhD thesis. Also, some specialization will typically have occurred, both by role (e.g. data engineering or data science) and by domain (e.g. health or mobility). If this is you, then the AI Guild gives you the following:

New talent

New talent typically is at the start of a career. In the field of AI much great talent is self-taught or may be graduating from bootcamps, including people switching careers to AI. Some universities and PhD programs now also help talents find their way as a practitioner. If you are a talent, then the AI Guild provides you at least with the following to support you on your path.

Joining the AI Guild

If you would like to become a member and enjoy the benefits outlined above, then you can join as a community member, and also as a founding member. Community membership is free. Founding members invest in the AI Guild organization and have shareholding rights (a limited liability company under German law — the GmbH). Please find here a summary description of the options for joining.

Community member

All community members of the AI Guild are listed on the website with their name, role, and current affiliation. No contact details are made available via the website.

As a community members you enjoy the following:

Founding member

All community members also have the opportunity to be a Founding Member of the AI Guild, starting from an investment of €500 minimum in the GmbH. You enjoy all the benefits of being a community member, and the following additional risks and opportunities associated with being a shareholder:

If you like to join the practitioners driving forward accelerated AI adoption, and driving it forward on their own initiative, then please join the AI Guild as a community member or a founding member here.

Feedback and comment on this published version was provided especially by Dânia Meira, Sébastien Foucaud, and Marcel Ackermann.



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