Your CV profile statement for the Data Science resumé

Examples of search and mission statements

When you are looking for your first (or next) role in Data Science it helps if you know what you are looking for. You will have a clearer sense or orientation, and the (potential) hiring manager or recruiter can more easily relate to your resumé.

We will be sharing for inspiration some successful search and mission statements — and keep adding more; so please follow this page.

Typically, the statement says things like who you are professionally, what you want to do, where and when you are looking, and why you want to move on.

We share statements anonymously. If you would like to share your statement, please get in touch. If you want to know more about the campaign 10,000 Data Scientists for Europe, please go here.

“I am a data scientist with deep domain expertise in economics and statistics. My focus is on e-commerce and I am particularly interested in recommender systems.”

“I am Data Scientist with a PhD from the -xyz- University Berlin looking for a position from October 2018 onwards in Berlin and Germany, preferably in a consulting role or a larger company trying something new. I have deep domain expertise in Machine Learning, especially Association rule mining.”

“I am a Data Scientist with a strong background in software engineering; and used to handling a variety of data pipelines and databases, included unstructured ones. I have prototyped four products, and I am looking for product oriented role (also consulting), possibly building from scratch.”

“Data scientist and process engineer contributing to the sustainability of energy production and consumption. Open to new opportunities, holding German and -abc- nationalities.”

“Data Scientist with a PhD in Mathematics and experience in research. Skilled in building and handling data pipelines. Specifically, experience in using Python for data analysis combined with forecasting and machine learning. Having recently moved to -xyz- I am keen to contribute my Mathematics and data science expertise to a dynamic and innovative team working in the area.”

“I am Data Scientist in the Health and Biomedical sector, seeking a new challenge in Berlin, Germany, and Europe. I have very deep domain expertise in infectious diseases, diabetes, metabolism, and nutrition; coupled with a strong grounding in data analysis and image processing.”

“With a proven track record in driving innovation in research, I am always keen on a thorough analysis of my data to transform them into impact. My career goal is to move to a faster paced environment, where such impact has a measurable positive effect in the short term: I want my professional growth to be intertwined with my next company’s growth.”

“I continually invest in improving my production capability through training and new challenges. I have been up skilling to Data Science based on my experience in large-scale IT and data infrastructure.”

“I am a Data Scientist and Bioinformatician seeking a new role in HealthTech or Pharmaceuticals in Berlin or Potsdam from March 2019. I am completing my Ph.D. at the MPI -abc-. I have a ten year track record of working with bio- and health datasets, including big data. My machine learning expertise includes Markov state modelling, time-series and network analysis.”

“I am bringing machine learning skills to the energy industry to help decarbonize the supply of heat and electricity.”

“I am a Data Scientist holding a PhD in Physics, looking for a consulting position from October 2018 onwards in Berlin and Germany. I have deep domain expertise in mathematical modelling, statistics and data mining. I started machine learning using dynamic networks in 2015 and have been consolidating my skills in a broad manner throughout 2018.”

I am a Data Scientist with a PhD in Bioinformatics. As a Bioinformatician I know how to properly pre-process high — dimensional data to improve data quality and how to analyse this data with state of the art statistical methods. A key competency I acquired during my career is the ability to provide valuable insights into complex biological problems using machine learning and advanced interpretation techniques. I would like to join an agile and dynamic health startup, where I have the possibility to work within an interdisciplinary team of experts on solutions that have a positive impact on society .

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