The Founding Letter of the AI Guild

Dear AI Guild members

The AI Guild Mission

  • Help decarbonize the world’s energy consumption by improving the renewable energy match between demand and supply
  • Work on meeting the mobility needs of the eight billion citizens across the world by providing a more effective and cheaper transport while reducing emissions and casualties to zero
  • Strive to improve healthcare diagnostics and making it fully accessible across the world
  • Privilege ‘Friendly AI’ and question, criticize and publicly inform when we notice the unethical and immoral use of artificial intelligence
  • Support people in finding meaning in their life and work, increasing prosperity, health, and happiness
  1. The expertise ramp-up of the growing AI Guild inviting all practitioners to join
  2. Enabling organizations to achieve a proof-of-concept encompassing traction with users, in-house expertise build-up, and real-time data pipelines

The AI Guild Values

  1. We strive for the ethical application of AI that contributes to the public good and the progress of humankind
  2. We value diversity and do not tolerate discrimination based on gender, sexual orientation, beliefs, nationality, background or abilities
  3. We treat each other and our partners with respect, fairness, and kindness, and communicate transparently and honestly
  4. We favor the best idea wins approach over personal interests
  5. We take responsibility for every action we take
  6. We promise confidentiality to our sources

Summary of the Purpose Workshops

  • The AI Guild is the go-to place for data experts, overcoming the isolation and loneliness of individual practices, and thus a place to grow and benefit from each other by creating, sharing, and multiplying experiences.
  • Diversity AI consulting: Approaches to AI must be ethical. Businesses are afraid of ‘getting it wrong’ and having the implementation hurt their reputation as well as the bottom line. The AI Guild’s unique, diverse composition of expert practitioners make us most suited in helping organizations build and scale successful products with in-built diversity and ethics.
  • Beyond the hype: We are in a hype cycle and artificial intelligence is everywhere. This fosters unrealistic expectations and creates misunderstandings about what is possible. As an international group of experts, we are capable of tackling this issue, bringing awareness and clarity to business.

Activities in 2019

Community Activities

  1. Career interviews: Conducting and publishing career interviews with AI Guild members to compare and contrast career paths for the benefit of the worldwide community of experts and talents
  2. Coaching: Run support sessions in which AI Guild members (only) share experiences and coach each other, as well as offering practical tips for the CV in pursuit of advancement or new challenges
  3. Freelancer exchange: Support members being or becoming freelancers, and helping each other with management and technical questions

Accelerating the Adoption of AI

  1. AI Guild Dinner: Inviting key decision-makers in organizations as well as experienced practitioners to the monthly AI Guild Dinner for an informal discussion of key issues and roadblocks in implementing Machine Learning or adopting an AI-first strategy
  2. Pilot workshops: Focus on getting the management of interested organizations on-board, and developing actionable steps for the accelerated adoption of Data Science and Machine Learning
  3. Targeted outreach: Form a publishing guild on Medium, writing up ‘beyond the hype’ events, insights, and experiences, and reach out to a) company AI decision-makers, b) experienced practitioners, and c) the wider community.

Go Now!

  • We start investing: Think about what you want to do and let the others know via feedback
  • On 25 May, please select an activity that you support and draw a timeline of activities from June to September 2019
  • In the autumn we re-evaluate the scope of activities and host a larger event to share the development achieved
AI Guild members at the launch event




Director #datacareer at AI Guild

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Chris Armbruster

Chris Armbruster

Director #datacareer at AI Guild

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