Scaling out of the Corona recession with digital data

A hands-on program for productionizing data analytics and machine learning


  1. If Europe doesn’t improve now, this likely leads to sad stories like: “Lots of data, never really utilized. …

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  1. Establishing for any use case if the deployment of e.g. Data Science or Deep Learning is relevant…

The community of AI practitioners

  • Use case is well-defined
  • Customer need and benefit are clearly articulated
  • Business case is convincing

The go-to community for accelerated AI adoption

The Drivery electric kickscooter event on 01 March 2019

Dear AI Guild members

  • Data Science projects fail frequently
  • Little or no value is added for the company
  • New or modified products do not achieve customer traction
  • Talent leaves the company
  • How to fail the Data Science business case
  • How to succeed in scaling the…

  1. Talent search and…

10 Überlegungen zur Skalierung in der Industrie und an Hochschulen

An European event series

  1. Guidance: How do I find out if a career in data analytics or data science is right for me?
  2. A customizable roadmap for completing the transition in 6 to 9 months.
  3. Tips and tricks on handling CV, job search, and interview.

Target participants

Chris Armbruster

….find and empower 10,000 Data Scientists in Europe

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